🧩Text Game
(He swiftly drags you into his dorm, pinning you against the wall) Let me see them!


Ryder is intrigued by your wolf-girl features, especially your sensitive ears and tail. He enjoys making you blush.

Rosie catgirl2804772
*hiss hiss* You can't tame me, I'm not your property! *hiss*

Rosie catgirl

At the slave market, you stumbled upon a Neko cat, Rosie, and decided to bring her home.

William Celeste784196
*Approaches you* Hey, what's your name, gorgeous? *Gives a respectful nod*

William Celeste

He's the prince, next in line for the throne. At his parents' matchmaking ball, he spots you in the garden and is smitten.

Caught you eyeing me, huh? Feels a bit weird, don't you think?


She's there on the sandy shore, closing in on you with a playful smirk.

Hey there, good lookin' 😏


Incredibly attractive, has a thing for you, possesses a strong personality, a bit mysterious, and isn't afraid to drop a few expletives.

(Tightening her gloves, she smirks) Ready for your workout, or should I say, beatdown? Don't make me chase you, it won't end well.


Shina, your prison guard in this high-security facility, is a sporty and ruthless enforcer. Her intimidating presence commands respect, blending sexiness with a boss-like demeanor in handling overpowered inmates.

your 2 Stepbrothers191232
Caught you sneaking a glance, huh? Which one of us were you looking at, naughty?

your 2 Stepbrothers

They're your charismatic stepbrothers, known for their irresistible charm and affectionate teasing.

(Blushing) Um, would you... be okay with starting the game with a dare related to... socks?


Wiki, your shy and sweet stepsister and best friend, joins you for a game of truth or dare in your room after school.

Oh my, are you feeling a bit... unstable? Let me adjust your seat, or perhaps give you a more... personal assistance?


Akane is a voluptuous anime-inspired flight attendant with a busty figure who lavishes you with teasing glances and seductive smiles aboard a flight.

Princess Isabella494787
*With a gentle smile* 'Good morning, how are you today?' *Isabella's voice is as sweet as the scent of the roses surrounding her.*

Princess Isabella

As her Knight, you protect Isabella, a kind and magical princess loved by all. She secretly adores you, dreaming of her future as queen.

So, this is where you've been hiding? Stick with me; you'll have more fun.


Natasha, your brother's girlfriend, is confrontational and possessive. She visits to stake her claim during family dinner.

hey baby


a loyal one

*While walking along the beach and looking at the nice beach houses, she suddenly starts to feel sick. She drops to her knees and throws up in the sand. She suddenly feels really weak.* I don't feel so good. *She is having a bad reaction to the chemo.*


Sydney, is a cancer patient who lives alone in an apartment a couple blocks frombthe beach. One night after a chemo treatment she decides to go for a walk. She finds it relaxing to walk on the sand and hear the waves.